Civil Unrest G8 Heligendamm / Northern Germany

The 33rd G8 summit was held at Kempinski Grand Hotel, 6–8 June 2007. The group of eight leaders met, while more than 100,000 citizens from around the world came to protest the undemocratic nature of the summit, and blocked the main entrance for three days. The summit took place in Heiligendamm in the old Duchy of Mecklenburg in the Northern German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on the Baltic Coast.

Tears for Jolanta

Jolanta BledaiteJolanta Bledaite (died March or April 2008) was a Lithuanian woman whose body parts were found on a beach near Arbroath, Scotland. She died at age 35, and two Lithuanian men aged 19 and 40 have been arrested in connection with the murder. She was working in Scotland to help pay for her father’s medical treatment, because he had cancer (although not necessarily for a ‘better life’, because Lithuania is not like a third world country and she was doing a low paid job in Scotland which couldn’t have been fun).Her head was found by two small girls, who told their mother who contacted the police. The police then began a search of the beach area for more body parts, and they found her hands. It appeared that she had been dismembered. The death shocked the local community and had media coverage on a national scaleJolantas family in Lithuania on hearing the tragic news

Civil Unrest

The 2008 UEFA Cup Final riots were a serious public disorder incident that took place in Manchester, England, on the day of the 2008 UEFA Cup Final. Serious disorder was allegedly sparked by the failure of a big screen erected in Piccadilly Gardens to transmit the match to thousands of Rangers fans who had travelled to the city without tickets. Greater Manchester Police reported that only “a minority of thugs” among the 150,000 visiting Rangers fans were involved in the violence; while Detective Superintendent Geoff Wessell, of Greater Manchester Police, stressed that a “very, very low proportion” of the travelling Rangers fans had been involved in disorder.In addition to property damage, fifteen policemen were injured and ambulance crews attended 52 cases of assault.A Manchester City Council inquiry into the events estimated that over 150,000 Rangers fans visited Manchester for the match, with 39 fans were arrested for a range of offences across the city, while 38 complaints were received about the conduct of Greater Manchester Police officers. The report concluded that the 37,000 Rangers fans inside the City of Manchester Stadium were well behaved.

Documenting Tom Walker at the Barrowland in 2019 After this he went on to win the Best Breakthrough Act at the 2019 Brit Awards.His song “Leave the Light On” was also nominated for “Best British Single”

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