Record Label Boss Alan Mcgee – Brian is a mad genius

Pete Doherty – Brian is without doubt one of the best photographers I have ever came across, real deal.

Singer Songwriter Gerry Cinnamon – I don’t like anyone in the media but have a lot of time for Brian

Photographer Harry Benson – Brian Anderson’s book Faces is one of the finest collection of photographs ever taken.

Kings of Fashion The Donnellys – Brian Anderson is one the finest photographers in the UK

Singer Songwriter John McLaughlin – We gave Brian the highest access for the return of the Bay City Rollers, his style reminds me of the classic photographs of Elvis, The Ramones or Blondie.

Photographer Colin Templeton ​ – I have known Brian for 25 years, in all that time he has never wavered in his determination to get out and document the streets of his City with his camera all of life. Brian makes his craft effortless”.​

Photographer Simon Murphy ​ – The great pyramid of Giza, the hanging gardens of Babylon, Stonehenge, Brian Anderson is with out doubt one of the great wonders of the world,

How on earth does he do it ? i have watched in amazement as he accesses the inaccessible, he is there the moment it happens. Unflinching An Enigma.